Month: March 2021

The Art of Co-Labouring: Christophe Sawadogo, Painter

In Christophe Sawadogo’s art projects co-labouring means teaming-up with artistic and artisanal experts of local communities to jointly address societal concerns Sabine Luning Christophe Sawadogo, a painter working in Ouagadougou, is a key member of the Gold Matters Team.  The themes of his artistic work, his commitment to address societal issues and his position on…
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Beyond mercury? ASGM and the shift to cyanide in Burkina Faso

Technological innovation in ASGM does not only occur through voluntarist interventions aimed at promoting cleaner production, but also as a consequence of transformations in the political economy of resource extraction. In Burkina Faso, the diffusion of cyanide has determined a shift away from mercury-based processing techniques and reshaped the organization of production in artisanal mining…
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