Month: October 2022

Anthropological engagements with mining: an interview with Robert Pijpers

Heterogeneity, methodological challenges, gender and the underground. These are some of central themes in this interview with Robert Pijpers about anthropological perspectives on (artisanal and small-scale) mining On June 13 2022, Gold Matters researcher and co-editor of the book ‘The Anthropology of Resource Extraction’ (Routledge, 2022), Robert Pijpers was interviewed by Oliver Tappe, an anthropologists based…
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The novel “A woman from Garimpo” by Nenê Macaggi: literature, memory and gender in the north of the Brazilian Amazon

Januária Mello reflects on the literacy legacy of author Nenê Macaggi and the insight she gives to the gold migrant experience in the region of the Tepequem and Cotingo rivers of Brazil Januária Mello   One of the challenges of the Gold Matters Project is to bring art, in its various forms, closer to artisanal…
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